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Tiaxa Jobs

We are a global technology company that seeks to create value in the telecommunications, financial services and mining markets by delivering innovative products and services of the highest quality to our clients with a focus on advanced analytics.

About us

During the last 21 years, Tiaxa has evolved from being one of the main telecom transaction service providers in Latin America to a world leader in the supply of nanocredits, guaranteeing more than US$ 2 billion in loans with recoveries of more than 98% for clients such as Airtel, Axiata, China Unicom, Claro, Maxis and Telefónica.

In addition, we have innovated in data analysis solutions for financial inclusion within the financial services and retail sectors, as well as digital channel management platforms for corporations such as Citibank, Banco Falabella and Latam Airlines. Our team has developed a practical approach to creating value from data by managing operational and financial risk in a variety of cultures, languages ​​and time zones, with the ultimate goal of improving the lives of millions of people

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