Can I directly access to the contact data in the Talent Database?

Not directly. When performing searches and filters of technological professionals in the Talent Database, you can access data such as the name and all the profile information that every professional includes on Get on Board. Contact information, social media profiles, and CV are not shown in the search results, and they will only be visible once you invite the professional to apply for one of your jobs.

Talent Database
To access the professional's contact details, first, they must be invited to participate in a selection process. Once the professional accepts the invitation, you will have full access to their contact details, CV, and all the other information. 

The Talent Database quota of invitations allows you to invite a great number of professionals monthly. This quota varies according to the different subscription plans.

Keep in mind that many professionals may have chosen to keep their profile hidden in the Talent Database, due to privacy issues. These professionals can also be invited, and if they accept the invitation, you will have access to their contact information just like with the professionals whose profiles are public. 

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