How does Concierge work?

Concierge combines both our deep knowledge on candidate performance and expert-based assessments to bring you, reliable candidates, vetted based on real-world performance and cultural fit.

What are the steps to access Concierge?

Apply your company so we can secure you a place in the line. Once we contact you, the steps to follow are:

  1. Create a job description.
    We'll automatically tag your job with technologies, skills, and cultural fit attributes that will help us connect it with database matches in the next step.

  2. We'll find and invite the best matches
    Once the job is launched, our algorithm will select and invite the best candidates in our database.

  3. We'll filter candidates by real-world skills
    Our experts, custom-selected for the job, will vet candidates using code, design, or problem-solving challenges especially designed by them.

  4. Secure hires
    In two weeks or less, we'll present our selected candidates in your Get on Board dashboard, so you can interview and close hiring as soon as you are ready for a decision.

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