Terms and conditions for posting free remote jobs

⚠️ This offer expired on March 15, 2022. All jobs in Get on Board, remote or not, need to be unlocked via a subscription or an individual purchase.

  • Jobs must be permanently remote. Jobs that are remote only temporarily, while quarantines/restrictions apply, will not be eligible.
  • The jobs must be completely, globally remote. To be eligible, jobs must be open to hiring from anywhere in the world.    Remote jobs open only to applicants from a specific country or city are not eligible. Jobs that prioritize or give advantage to applicants coming from specific countries are not eligible either.
  • Only new jobs are eligible.
  • The company must have its processes up to date (published or unpublished/closed), with the applicants informed about the stages of the process, and cannot have processes with more than 15 days without being reviewed.
  • All fully-remote jobs will be reviewed by our moderation team and must comply with our policies, without exception.
  • Professionals can easily inform us of jobs that misrepresent information, and we will permanently ban companies caught posting jobs that misrepresent their remote status (for instance, listing as "permanently remote" a job that is only temporarily remote).
  • We reserve the right to remove this offer or relock a previously unlocked job, for any reason, at all times.

Jobs that don't meet the above criteria but that comply with our moderation policies will still be published, but will not be unlocked for free. Those jobs will require the purchase of a subscription or an unlock to access candidates. 

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