What is 'Coach' and how does it work?

One of the biggest pains for professionals is the scarce (or non-existent) feedback they receive from recruiters when applying for a job. Even if they were discarded in a selection process, they usually do not receive information about the reasons or what things they should improve in the future.

At Get on Board, we are concerned about bridging this gap, so we developed Coach, a tool that analyzes your professional profile and your application history and gives you concrete recommendations to increase your chances of success in the future.

Coach's recommendations are personalized, updated over time, and improve as you apply to more jobs using Get on Board. The most accurate recommendations begin once you have applied to 5 or more jobs.

Coach analyzes a large amount of information that is on Get on Board each time you apply to jobs:

  • If you were ruled out of a selection process, and the reasons why.
  • Whether you are doing better or worse than the average applicant.
  • Your job preferences (i.e., where you are looking and applying).
  • Your professional profile information.
  • Some examples of recommendations

Some recommendation examples:

How do I access Coach?

Log in as a professional to Get on Board and look for the Coach menu on the left panel. Remember that the more you apply, the more information Coach will have to give you feedback. 

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