What is the difference between "interested" and "applicants" in my selection process?

At Get on Board, we have subscription plans. One of the benefits of these plans is that companies can search our database for professionals who have their profile visible and send them invitations to apply to their processes.

Another way to invite is through our Boost service, although in this case, the company does not choose who is being invited.

Some of the professionals who accept these invitations will appear in the "Interested" phase, but what makes some of them appear here and others in the "Applicants" column?

Differences between 'Interested' and 'Applicants'

A guest professional can accept an invitation with a single click, without the need to complete all the required data in an application. When this happens, the candidate with the incomplete application will appear in the "Interested" column. This will allow you to avoid contaminating the already existing "Applicants" phase.

When an applicant completes his or her application, he or she is automatically moved to the "Applicants" phase. You can also move him or her manually before this happens.

Interested and Applicants

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