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At sueldoYa we’re committed to improving the lives of millions of workers in South America.

People go to work every day, have expenses every day but they get paid only once per month. This rigidity of salaries creates lots of problems for those who live paycheck to paycheck. When things get tough before payday, they are prevented from using their already earned wages - they have no other option than to go overdraft, use payday loans, and other types of really expensive consumer credit.

We think this is wrong - people should be able to use their own money! - and we are working really hard to change it.

We’re a fintech, B2B2C, building a platform that allows employees to access earned wages on-demand, regardless of payday. sueldoYa gives workers the peace of mind of accessing their own money when they need it.

We’re extremely focused on solving this problem - we know it is the right thing to do and it is important to us that you share our beliefs.

Job functions

The Highlights

  • we are looking for a Lead Full Stack Engineer, our first engineering hire.
  • Location: Remote initially, then Santiago, Chile
  • Compensation: negotiable based on experience, equity

We are looking for a talented full-stack developer, with an entrepreneurial mindset - someone who is not afraid to roll up their sleeves and help build an incredible product. It is important to us that you feel strongly about our mission. You will be part of the founding team and that means some really important things:

  • you will play a leading role building and scaling an ambitious, innovative, large-scale mobile product
  • you will help shape our culture
  • you will grow our team

As our lead engineer, you will manage the existing codebase and take it to the next level - you will be responsible for the development and deployment of web applications. This will include architecting and deploying a scalable back-end, integrating with local bank’s APIs, and integrating with key payroll systems/ERPs. In the early days, you will also help us maintain and iterate our existing front-end (Javascript) until someone takes over full-time.

Qualifications and requirements

  • You have at least 3 years of experience working in the industry as an engineer and have worked on a team of engineers
  • You have experience architecting, building and deploying scalable back-end platforms that power fast and responsive applications (Node.js, Firebase, Postgres, MySQL)
  • You are familiar with payments infrastructure and have previously integrated various types of third-party APIs and ensured they run smoothly
  • You have written and managed production-level code, while factoring in performance, accessibility, and application design. You care about agility as much as you care about scalability
  • You are familiar with working in cloud environments (GCP and AWS) and have deployed cloud-based relational databases in the past
  • You can think quickly through product requirements and come up with ways of solving problems
  • You feel comfortable communicating clearly with non-technical stakeholders
  • You live or would like to live in Chile (and you speak Spanish)

All the cool stuff that will happen after you join

After 3 months:

We will have piloted the MVP with 3+ beta customers (large enterprises, +1000 users). The MVP will deliver delightful user experience, with the ability to make immediate money transfers - building trust, engagement, and a lot of traction with our beta users. We will have developed a roadmap of the technical developments required to be ready to launch a commercial and scalable version during the first half of 2021.

After 12 months:

After launching and proving our traction in Chile, our product will continue evolving to meet the needs of the users. We will have tested, designed, and implemented new features. Together with the incredible team you have assembled, we will be getting ready to expand to other geographies - Peru, Colombia, Brazil, Mexico…

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