AWS Serverless Node.js Developer Senior in ClickIT Smart Technologies

Closed job - No longer receiving applicants

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ClickIT Smart Technologies is a Cloud and DevOps Agency who has developed cloud based solutions for almost 10 years, for customers from all around the world. Our core competencies are Financial Services, Healthcare, MarTech, Ecommerce, Big Data & Analytics and our Experience comes with startups and mid-large enterprises. We are AWS and GCP certified partners with an experience of helping more than 200 product and service-centric companies based out of the US with their cloud migration and DevOps initiatives.

Job functions

ClickIT Smart Technologies is looking for a Remote Senior Serverless Nodejs Developer to join our team and work on a full time project with one of our USA based customers (IT agency who desires to migrate its current monolithic application into a fully serverless model). We are currently looking for a full time engineer that has experience in Serverless Framework, Serverless Nodejs and AWS in their core competencies.

Next are the job functions expected for this position:

● Architect, build, and maintain excellent services with clean code, configurations, and architectures.

● The services will be almost exclusively developed leveraging AWS serverless services such as API Gateway, AppSync, Lambdas, DynamoDB on-demand, Elasticsearch on-demand, Step Functions, EventBridge, etc. In other words no EC2 instances, load balancers, etc.

● Develop Lambdas using Node.js runtime.

● Write unit tests for Lambdas.

● Develop and maintain AppSync APIs.

● Develop and maintain API Gateway APIs.

● Write tests for APIs.

● Create and maintain data models for data stores.

● Create mock data scenarios for development and testing.

● Integrate third-party APIs.

● Be part of a team utilizing Kanban and participate in retrospectives and daily standups.

● Assist with story grooming, estimations, and prioritization.

● Create and maintain documentation.

● Interact with members of the Product Team, and other stakeholders.

● Help establish technological direction, best practices, and standards of quality.

Qualifications and requirements

● 2+ years Node.js experience, including latest ECMAScript standards.

● Experience developing applications with these AWS Services:

○ Amplify

○ AppSync

○ API Gateway

○ Cognito

○ DynamoDB

○ Elasticsearch

○ EventBridge

○ Lambda

○ S3




○ Step Functions

● 6+ years server-side development experience.

● Meaningful experience working on large, complex systems.

● Experience developing applications based on microservices

● Experience developing GraphQL (preferred) or RESTful APIs.

● Experience in developing NoSQL databases, designing data models, and proficient in querying document stores (preferably DynamoDB).

● Possess a strong technical background.

● Ability to drive architectural direction.

● Demonstrate strong problem solving ability and analytical skills.

Desirable skills

● Experience with GDPR regulation.

● Experience working with TypeScript.

● Experience with the ELK Stack.

● Experience with Postman or similar tools.


Fully remote You can work from anywhere in the world.

Remote work policy

Fully remote

Candidates can reside anywhere in the world.