Senior Backend/Full-Stack Engineer in @ NY+SCL

Closed job - No longer receiving applicants

Goodtalk is a cross between TV and texting. Use Goodtalk to broadcast text message conversations to an audience – similar to a conversation on TV or on stage, but using text messages instead. The audience can be a "fly on the wall", react to individual messages and submit comments & questions for screening— but they can’t interrupt the conversation. You can use Goodtalk with your native text app (iMessage/ Android Messenger) or download our native iOS or Android apps.

Check this Goodtalk between NFL players, discussing the 2019 Super Bowl in real time:

Why work at Goodtalk?

  • Goodtalk was selected to join Grand Central Tech, the hottest incubator/accelerator in NY!
  • You will work directly with our founders are Silicon Valley veterans, with multiple exits.
  • We are an early-stage, NY-based startup with engineering team in Chile.
  • Work with a great team of strong individuals.
  • Venture-backed, amazing culture and excellent compensation.

Job Requirements

(Comunicación en Inglés es preferida, pero no obligatoria – Si puedes entender bien, es suficiente!)

You will be part of a team of engineers and designers working on and its mobile apps.

You will be our lead backend engineer, and your focus will be system design and implementation. Our challenges include creating server applications that can support thousands of concurrent clients: Do you have what it takes?

You will also con contribute across all our stack (Backend: Node/Express, Clients: React Native and React JS, ideally TypeScript), architecting and implementing our services and mentoring junior peers.

Our engineering team works from our office in Santiago or remotely, and collaborates using GitHub, Slack, and Hangouts, so you have to feel comfortable with these tools.

Ideal candidate:

- Engineering meetings are in Spanish, the rest of the organization speaks English: Understanding English is important, but you don't need to speak it perfectly.

- 4-8 years of proven experience building consumer systems – No degree required.

- Strong experience writing complex API-driven applications. Experience developing Front End applications (web, mobile) is desirable.

- Experience profiling server performance and database operations, identifying and solving issues.

- You want to work with the latest technologies and practices (React, RN, Node, TypeScript, Docker, AWS, etc).

- Experience contributing to GitHub team projects, driving quality through great reviews.

- Self-starter, self-learner and quick to ask when blocked. You'll be the owner of a set of challenging projects, which you will drive from start to end… But asking for help is highly encouraged: You'll be working with very experienced engineers.

Our technologies and practices: The more you know, the better!

- AWS Elastic Cluster via Dockerized applications.
- WebSockets and similar technologies.
- Cache: MemCache/Redis. Messaging: Pub/Sub, RabbitMQ.
- NoSQL & SQL:  MongoDB (using Mongoose) and Postgres.
- API web frameworks, ideally Node/Express.
- React Native and React Web.
- Expo for continuous released for Mobile Clients.
- Test Driven Development.
- Collaborative code ownership.
- Github contribution, great at reviewing Pull Requests.

Benefits & Perks

  1. Goodtalk is an Equal Opportunity Employer: No matter your gender, your age, your race or sexual orientation, we will provide a positive and safe space for you to thrive.
  2. Be part of a U.S. based, VC-backed startup, that will change the way we interact with texting.
  3. Work with a World-Class team, including executives from Time Warner, designers from Apple and engineers from Stanford, Evernote, ClassPass.
  4. Great compensation and flexible perks – Great performers also get equity in our company!
  5. A team that cares for your personal well being and growth.
  6. Work from home or from our space @ WeWork in Santiago.
  7. You'll learn the latest technologies: We are always scouting for newer tools to make our products better.
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