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AmigoCloud has built the first truly collaborative mapping platform. Whether you have a team that is mapping assets in a particular area, or are adding geospatial intelligence to your own software, we can help.

About us

Our Values


At AmigoCloud, we are used to working in different time-zones, countries, and languages. To that end, we require that everyone be fluent in written and spoken English. It is the language we use for meeting, our documentation in, and our comments in the source code. Furthermore, as a geographically distributed team, we use technology to stay connected to each other. Having fast internet access, showing up for daily team conference calls, being available on instant messenger during business hours, keeping calendars up to date, and informing people when you will be out of the office are all basic communication skills that every employee needs.

Being smart

For us, it means never settling for what you know. We expect all of our developers to learn on the job and continually develop their skills. Having the ability to learn quickly to find innovative ways to solve problems is par-for-the-course when working at AmigoCloud. We don't expect people to know everything, but we do expect people to work hard to keep learning.

Getting things done

It doesn't matter how smart you are or how well you communicate if you don't get things done. Getting things done and taking pride in what you do is essential in working together as a team. No one wants to have a weak link on their team. If you can't follow through and take responsibility for your work, then other strengths don't matter. Everyone is working hard to build a product to help our clients do their jobs and, in the end, the software must ship.


AmigoCloud provides many benefits. We allow for Flexible Work hours, unlimited vacation (as long as the work gets done), good pay, a great team to work with, and lots of growth opportunity.
Many of our employees have gone on to work for larger companies. For example two of our developers started working with us in Peru, and are now working for Google. As long as you meet the requirements, we can also work toward bringing you to the United States, if that is in your long term goals.
Our technology stack is large and varied. We work on everything from bare metal to cloud services. From small web services to integrating the latest open source libraries and technologies. Working at AmigoCloud allows you to interact with all parts of software development and work with the latest technologies.

AmigoCloud is not currently looking for talents.

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