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Careers at AMP Community

We help diverse founders get connected with non-dilutive capital to serve their communities.

About us

AMP is driven by the goal to make funding accessible for diverse folks. All of the work we do is grounded in our want to support small businesses grow and scale so they can support their communities. As a fast growing startup, employees have the chance to take a significant amount of workload, which creates greater opportunity to make an impact within the company. If you work hard and show progress, the whole company has visibility to your effort's outcomes, so recognition, by both management and fellow co-workers, is always given. Our team is super open, communicative and caring. It definitely feels like a group of friends, not just co-workers. The ability to be honest about the days we need off, our working styles and how we want to tackle tasks is both encouraged, supported and appreciated.

AMP Community is not currently looking for talents.

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