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At Burn to Give, we are using the Power of Sports and Compassion to help people live healthier, happier lives while making an impact in the world.

About us

Burn to Give is a platform that converts calories burned exercising into life-saving nutrition for children in need. For every tracked calorie burned, a calorie is given to an undernourished child. We are using best-in-class technology to connect people, companies and malnourished children in order to create exponential impact and solve a global problem.
We work with Brands and help them reach our Community; and also we work with Corporates to inspire their employees to stay active and healthy by designing tailored Corporate Wellness Challenges.
Our founder, Eduardo della Maggiora, shares his personal history and shows how, through the pursuit of his passion and by connecting points throughout his life, Burn to Give was born

Burn to Give is not currently looking for talents.

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