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Careers at Corbin and Brooks

Corbin and Brooks is a small privately owned fully remote software and web development company. We work closely with a small number of clients on a long term basis to develop web and software applications and serve as their development team.

About us

The Corbin & Brooks team have over 50 years’ combined experience with software and web development, UI and product design. Our roots are in enterprise web application development. In 2014 the energy management SaaS company we co-founded was acquired, and we started a private contracting business. We currently provide extremely responsive custom software development services for a small group of clients. Our specialty is custom development of enterprise software applications, and interactive UI design.

Our philosophy is to work with a small number of clients and serve as their ongoing development team. We strive to work responsively, offer co-coding to ensure multiple team members always understand a code so a project can be picked up at any time, and keep projects on schedule for our clients.

We work 100% remotely, and communicate throughout the day using project management software and videoconferencing when needed.

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