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Empresa con foco en el manejo de datos, análisis big data y machine learning

About us

Dumas is software engineering company which specialises in developing technological solutions, mainly in the area of large-scale mining, to help customers to optimize their processes and make data driven decisions. With this purpose we use state-of-the-art technologies for integration, Internet of Things, Big Data, Advanced Analytics, data visualization and Machine Learning.
One of the most unique characteristics of Dumas is that you can find a young and entrepreneurial environment where each member is always looking for new opportunities, experimenting with new high tech solutions and trying out new ways to develop our projects.
Our office is located in Providencia, one of the most modern tourist and business districts in Santiago, Chile. Dumas is characterized for having an open and transparent communication process and a genuine respect for work-life balance. We hold regular team and individual training programs where we develop soft and hard skills, recognising the value of hard work and developing a strong team spirit. Dumas employees don’t form part of a strict hierarchical structure, therefore allowing each member to work in different roles in different projects and enabling him or her to grow and enrich his or her working experiences with different approaches for each role.
Our team is currently growing. We are therefore looking for more professionals in data engineering and data science areas because we believe that an interdisciplinary team is the base for technological innovation. Our goal is to create an environment where everyone can develop their ideas and create new projects with a positive impact on our society.
Our goal is to become a recognized company in the optimization of mining processes through the use of latest generation computer tools


  • Se ha definido la modalidad de trabajo completamente remota, contamos con oficina al lado del metro Los Leones, si la necesitas ocupar o simplemente quieres un espacio fuera de casa.
  • Disfruta de tu tarde libre de cumpleaños.
  • Tendrás medio día libre para asistir a la graduación de hijos (pre-escolar, básica, media y universitaria).
  • Flexibilidad en tu agenda, para realizar trámites en horario laboral. Además los viernes salimos a las 14:00 hrs.
  • Tendrás un día libre por año para uso general.
  • Contrato indefinido.
  • Aguinaldo de Fiestas Patrias y Navidad.
  • Bono anual según evaluación de desempeño.
  • Se promueve la movilidad interna de cargos y responsabilidades de acuerdo con las preferencias de la persona, necesidades de la empresa y potenciamiento de perfil profesional.
  • Podrás acceder a descuentos en las diferentes entidades médicas con las cuales tenemos convenio (oftalmología, psicología, dental y médica).
  • Descuentos en gimnasio y plataformas de entrenamiento online (fitness).

Dumas is not currently looking for talents.

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