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Careers at G2i Inc

G2i connects you to high quality remote React, React Native, and Node.js jobs, deals with all the red tape, and supports you with a vibrant remote developer community.

About us

G2i matches remote React, React Native and Node.js developers to the companies that want to hire them. Developers can apply to join G2i and complete our technical vetting process. Upon passing, we match you with companies and roles that are the best fit for you. We make finding a remote React role much easier.

G2i is a competitive advantage in your job search. Here's why:

  • One application, one code challenge, one technical interview. While the upfront time of completing our technical vetting may seem like a lot, it saves you time in the long run. Your code challenge, technical interview recording and all of our notes are sent to our clients ahead of time so that you don't fill out any applications or take any other technical assessments.

  • We are better at marketing and sales than you. No offense, just facts. We know what our clients are looking for and we know how to deliver. We have a team of people constantly marketing our developers so that they're being seen by dozens of clients everyday.

  • We offer a higher quality experience. Finding remote roles is hard. Finding quality remote roles is even harder. We vet our clients upfront so that by the time they get to you, only the best options remain. Our developers have consistently praised our clients for the higher quality experience compared to finding jobs on their own.

  • You jump straight the the final step. Our developers don't have to talk to recruiters, take HR screening calls or complete any other technical assessments. All that remains is a final meeting with the client and deciding if you want the job.

  • You make more money. Most of our developers report making more working through G2i than they did on their own.

Get started today by applying at https://g2i.co/apply

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