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Are you ready to modernize logistics?

KLog.co is the first LATAM company to democratize access to international freight and trade in the region thanks to its intuitive digital platform.

About us

KLog.co is the first LATAM company to democratize access to international freight and trade in the region. In just nine years it has been able to position themselves as a solid leader in digitalizing and innovating towards making the logistics ecosystem better for all. Through their intuitive digital supply chain platform, users can book and follow through their shipment fully online, while being able to control, measure and optimize their performance.

The success of KLog.co is a consequence of the vast logistics experience of the team and the latter is the result of a great culture, where its story is about learning, growth and technology. The members share the same story, where they started as apprentices and fought to become what they are today. The company believes in effort and passion over knowledge, since they are convinced that, if you have the attitude, the rest can be learned.

KLog.co today has more than 3,000 clients with operations throughout the Latin American region and hundreds of agents around the world. Their operational offices are located in Chile and Peru and they are in the process of opening offices in Bolivia, Colombia, Panama, Uruguay and Mexico.


  • Una oficina increíble que ocupa un piso entero (¡Y ni te cuento la vista!)
  • Excelente equipo de trabajo.
  • Seguro Complementario de Salud y Seguro de Vida.
  • Afiliación a Caja de Compensación.
  • KBank, posibilidad de obtener crédito 0% interés para nuestro equipo.
  • KLearning, programa de educación continua.
  • Días libres en fechas importantes.
  • Personal Training, en la semana realiza pausas activas y entrenamiento funcional.
  • Frutas frescas todos los días.
  • Arcade, taca-taca y sector de descanso.
  • Y muchísimas otras cosas que nos gustaría que puedas descubrir junto a nosotros🤩...
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