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RealTek Consulting offers IT Consulting and IT fulfillment services for small and medium sized businesses. RealTek Consulting is an IT consulting Company with a wide of services that will help clients achieves cost benefits and Real Cost of Ownership RC

About us

Software Engineering Consulting RealTek Consulting provides consulting services on all branches of software engineering viz. SDLC process, requirements, architecture, design, testing, configuration management etc. We provide consulting on various areas like process implementation, methodology adoption, tool usage, performance optimization and various other custom requirements. Our extended mentoring services ensure institutionalization of best practices of software engineering. We also implement a business viability identification (BVI) protocol to set the objective indices for better ROI Software Quality/Testing RealTek Consulting provides end-to-end software quality solutions in relation with functionality and performance. Our unstinting focus on software engineering principles eliminates not only the peripheral problems but tackles the root cause of an issue. To ensure high quality software, we realize that the focus must start from quality of requirements and lead up to their final deployment. Capturing the explicit (functional) and implicit (performance and non functional) requirements and setting a proper traceability with all relevant test cases acts as safeguard against the ‘big surprises’ of user acceptance. Moreover, a high degree of automation results in better regression testing. Automation exponentially reduces the effort, enhances traceability and maintainability, bringing in higher cost savings and a better ROI. Software Engineering Training Since software development is a team sport, the different roles that each member plays within the larger framework becomes crucial to achieve success. Training of recruits in software engineering is a mandatory process. RealTek Consulting, through its various academic initiatives, offers a variety of comprehensive training modules on all the software engineering branches and tools Application Development Application Management Quality Assurance Data Management Our technical expertise is centered on Microsoft®, Java/Open Source, mobile applications and other technologies such as PowerBuilder, Mainframe and ColdFusion

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