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Cost-effective UE Simulator and NW Emulator | Simnovus

Simnovus is an emerging T&M company providing cost-effective UE simulator to validate 4G/5G base station and NW emulator to validate devices.

About us

The Callbox - Network Emulator recreates an entire 4G & 5G network on COTS hardware. Supporting both NSA and SA mode, 100MHz channel bandwidth, and support of all global FDD & TDD bands, you can verify the device under all possible configurations in the lab.

The Simnovator - UE simulator can simulate hundreds of 4G and 5G subscribers with complex traffic models. With the support of VoNR and several other application traffic, it’s the perfect tool for the base station validation.

For more information about us, visit our website www.simnovus.com today!

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