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Imagine. Universal Travel Rewards Built On The Blockchain. Join the movement

About us

KeyoCoin is a technology company focused on creating blockchain technology, smart contract design, and digital tokenized applications. KeyoCoin’s mission is to solve reward system creation & redemption inefficiencies, reward fragmentation limitations, and reward globalization deficiencies for the travel & hospitality industries.

KeyoCoin aims to provide a revolutionary decentralized rewards platform, marketplace, and utility coin built on the blockchain for travelers & every day consumers that unlocks a gamified world where purchases & actions are incentivized with universal travel rewards that can seamlessly be used globally.

The KeyoCoin team is on a mission to create a cryptocurrency that can be earned without purchase, which is why we created KeyoCoin Travel Challenges. We believe that this is the path for the everyday non-techie person to get involved in the cryptocurrency and blockchain movement that will soon power our entire world.