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Careers at Wildlife Studios

Wildlife is a Brazilian native global company and one of the leading mobile game developers and publishers in the world. We have released more than 60 titles, reaching billions of people around the globe.

About us

In early 2019, we decided to expand globally, opening offices worldwide. This way, we're able to have more incredible people and unique knowledge to scale our development and delivery capacity. Today, we have offices in the United States, Ireland, and Argentina – besides, of course, in Brazil.

Being in Wildlife is about being part of something big! Our team is made up of exceptional people who are dedicated to creating amazing games. We dream of being the best technology company to work for in the world, and we aspire to develop games that will be remembered by generations.

We believe games can transport people beyond everyday life, creating new perspectives, connections, and limitless worlds. We think big, and we look for engineers motivated to find answers where it's least expected. People with a high technical level, who are not afraid to take risks and know that mistakes are part of great innovations.

Join us! Unleash your potential & explore the future with us.

Our tech specs
We don't require specific technical knowledge to work with us. We believe that curious and proactive engineers will quickly learn whatever programming languages or technologies are necessary, and we are always looking for new tools and technologies that better solve our problems.

Our backends are developed mostly in Go, but we also have some APIs and systems in NodeJS and Python.

Our infrastructure runs within Amazon Web Services and is built mostly on top of our self-managed Kubernetes clusters. For storage, we have a very diverse stack, including PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Cassandra, and Redis, and we use Kafka and Emqtt as messaging systems. For Infrastructure as Code, we use Ansible and Terraform, and our monitoring stack mixes both Statsd and Grafana. We use ELK (Elastic Search, Logstash, and Kibana) for our logs stack.

Data processing is mostly carried out in daily batches orchestrated by Airflow. Our pipelines are developed in Python using Spark running either on EMR and Databricks clusters and leverage Delta Lake to solve problems related to late-arriving data and GDPR obligations.

We have a data lake stored on S3; this contains raw data collected from multiple data sources (External APIs, Internal Services, Kafka, Elastic Search, PostgreSQL, etc.) and processed data.

For other teams to interact with our data lake and be able to create their pipelines, reports, or even deploy ML models, we're continually adding new features in our platform through technologies like Airflow, SageMaker, and MLflow.

Our interview process
Our application and interview process can differ from role to role, but the main ways we get to know you are through your online application, phone interviews, and in-person interviews. Wanna be prepared for our interview process? Check out our tech blog.


- We work in the Nuñez area (onsite).
- Dollarized wages and company stock options.
- Health plan (OSDE) for you and your family.
- Up to 80% discount in Mercado Pago to use for lunch.
- English classes (in-company).

Wildlife Studios is not currently looking for talents.

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