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brain-e is an online community platform that enables users to manage their energy by challenging each other or by being challenged by utilities - this enables matching energy demand with energy production, a service which we sell to energy companies.

Sobre nosotros

Yellow Energy is developing brain-e, an online web+mobile platform that builds communities to manage energy consumption. Our goal is to bridge the chasm between energy consumers and their consumption, while connecting their needs to the interests of energy utilities.
Our platform features:
- connectivity with several hardware devices;
- a unique approach to community building, through saving, spending, and cooperation challenges;
- a predictive algorithm that forecasts future consumption taking into account social events, weather forecasts, geolocation, and consumption history.
As a start-up, we offer flexible work schedules, allow for remote work, and are more concerned with deadlines than with hours worked. We are a fun team, with two full-time developers, one business manager, and three other consultants that work in marketing, software, and design. Join us and help us change the energy world!

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