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UX Front End Developer in Leniolabs_

Closed job - No longer receiving applicants

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Leniolabs_ is an international software development company with team members in Santiago de Chile, Argentina, Madrid and Miami. We develop software that helps our clients to take data-driven decisions.

Our current clients include Santiago-based clients like Skidata Chile and Banco Santander, USA-based clients like SAP and even Asian clients like Singapore bank.

We put our trust in our team members from day one. That means no work schedule and complete freedom to develop main tasks during a project.

Requerimientos del cargo

3+ años de experiencia en proyectos de desarrollo de UI web
• HTML / HTML5 (componentes web, nuevos elementos multimedia, input types, semantic tags, etc.)
• CSS (Flexbox, floats, inline block, native and SASS variables, pseudo elements, importance of box-sizing)
• CSS3 selectors (:checked pattern, siblings, disabled, empty, nth-child and others)
• Animations, transforms and transitions
• SVG styling
• Accessibility (Level AA, ARIA and related)
• Media queries (@screen and @supports)
• Naming conventions (BEM and others)
• IE bugs!
• Custom fonts
• Creación de PoC
• Metodologías ágiles
• Conocimiento de herramientas de Diseño (Sketch, Photoshop)


  • Concimiento basicos de Javascript/React (Deseable)
  • CSS grid (Deseable)


  • El cargo es con relación de dependencia tanto en Chile como Argentina.
  • Remoto 100% (Argentina) Horario flexible (Chile)
  • Osde (Osde sólo para Argentina).
  • 2 bonos al año
  • 3 semanas de vacaciones
  • 2 ajustes salariales al año
  • Clases de inglés
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