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Find answers to your most frequent questions when recruiting and applying to jobs using Get on Board.

How to describe your company briefly and effectively

What are the profiles of the Get on Board 'Cultural Fit' test?

Know the English level of your job applicants

Showcase your profile by demonstrating your English level

Keep all your applicants organized in one place and save valuable time communicating with them

How to attract the right tech talent to your jobs

Efficient ATS for organized recruiting: Improve management of the recruitment process with an integrated system

Define technical requirements appropriate to the position and assess them quickly and easily.

Do I spend an invitation fee when inviting applicants who have participated in my other processes?

How can I reply to applicants' messages from my email?

How do I know when and by whom each job was posted?

Should the salary expectation when applying for a job be net or gross?

Why do I have to specify the gross salary in my job?

How to create and apply assessment scorecards in a recruitment process

What are the suggestions that appear on my process (kanban) board?

Which remote modality can I select for my job?

How to improve your jobs' positioning

How to use the process board (Kanban) effectively?

How do I know if I should check the 'I am recruiting on behalf of another company' option when creating my job?

What kind of reports can I find in Get on Board?

How to create and add screening questions to your job

What do I do if I get an error in the platform?

How can I pin messages from applicants?

How does Quick Apply work?

What is 'quick apply' and how can I activate it?

What security conditions must my new password meet?

What is 'Coach' and how does it work?

How can I post a confidential job?

How can I test Get on Board's API before purchasing a plan?

How can I download or export my job information to Excel (CSV)?

How can I change the company name in my Get on Board account URL?

How to share an application with a public link

How to speed up your recruitment process

How does the import via email work?

What if the manual import pdf autofill has errors?

How long does it take for applicants imported via email to appear in my funnel?

How can I import applicants to my process?

How can I access my account if I have changed my email address in the social network I use to log in?

How do I add tags to my professional profile?

How can I delete or remove a member from my company account?