How many cities can I select for my job?

When creating your job in Get on Board, you must specify the remote mode of work: No remote option (localized), Hybrid (can work some days remotely), Locally remote only (work remotely within a region or country), or Fully remote (can work from anywhere in the world).

By selecting the 'No remote option' or 'Hybrid' options, you will be able to select 1 or more cities for your job. Especially useful for companies that have offices in more than one country, and are looking to hire talent for any of their headquarters.

Please note that when selecting more than 3 cities, the public views of your job will show the flags of the countries specifying the number of cities (which the professionals will be able to see in detail in their application).

By selecting the option 'Locally remote only', you will be able to choose a region (continent) or a specific country in which the professional must reside (*). 

(*) You can also offer assistance with the relocation of professionals who are willing to move to the country.

Local remote position only: Applicants must live in Peru to apply for this job.

The 'Fully remote' option refers to jobs that can be performed from any location,, and will be marked as 'Remote Latin America' in public views, allowing talent to reach your job no matter where they are located.

This is how the job listing will look to professionals

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