Hire faster.
For 90% less.

Get on Board instantly connects you to the best IT talent pool in Latin America, offers you unrivaled match algorithms, and gives you transparent ATS tools to control your entire selection process.

No success fees
No intermediaries

The best IT talent pool in Latin America.

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Get on Board is your mission control for tech recruiting in Latin America. Get access right now to the best specialized talent pool in Latin America and a modern ATS software.

Instant free custom careers page.

Your company account in Get on Board includes a ready-to-go, easy to customize jobs page, for free. Embed this page into your website by copying and pasting a simple code.

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“Get on Board has become an essential part of our Human Resources process.”

- Gustavo Reyes Quiroga, Founder of Alluxi Alluxi logo

Why is Get on Board better for recruiting?

Attract talent without middlemen

Attract talent without middlemen

Get on Board's ATS gives you control over the entire selection process and its candidates, results, and process metrics.

While other recruiters keep you in the dark, Get on Board empowers you to transparently build your talent database with real-time metrics.

Matching based on real results

Our algorithm watches real-world results of IT professionals, instead of just processing keywords in CVs and LinkedIn profiles. We use these algorithms to help you reach candidates faster.

Matching based on real results
Cost savings in recruitment

Cost savings in recruitment

Hire for 90% less than what you would pay for a recruitment agency and an external ATS software. Get on Board drastically reduces hiring costs and doesn't charge you success fees or hidden costs.

Recruit faster

Get on Board brings you candidates without you having to lift a finger. Also, your talent search is accelerated with intelligent suggestions and automatic Boost invitations.

Recruit faster

90% less? Really?

Get on Board is the most cost-effective option for your IT recruitment.
We achieve this because we are a 100% software-based platform, and we don't overcharge you.

We don't charge you per hired position.
The ATS is included for free with Get on Board.
We don't charge professionals if they find a job.
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