Why do I have to specify the gross salary in my job?

When creating a job on Get on Board you must specify the salary range you are offering for the position, which will be shown to professionals applying for your job. If you have a subscription plan you can hide it from public view.

Until September 2022, the net (or liquid) salary was requested, i.e., the amount that the professional will receive after applying the legal discounts of each country (corresponding to social security, taxes, insurance, etc.).

As of October 2022, the gross salary, i.e., the amount before applying legal discounts, will be requested from companies that publish jobs as well as the professional's income expectations. 

Why the change?

Get on Board is an international job platform, focused on companies and talent from all over Latin America, and other sectors such as the United States and Europe. In the vast majority of countries, gross salaries are negotiated at the time of hiring talent, so to avoid confusion, we have kept a common language for all: gross salary and in dollars

Will this change be immediate?

This change will be made progressively, taking into account the jobs published and applications previously made. Here we explain the step-by-step of this transition:

  1. If you edit previously created jobs (whether they are published or not), you will be encouraged to add the gross salary. 
  2. By specifying the gross salary, it will be reflected in the public view (if it is not hidden). 
  3. Applicants to your job will see an 'enter gross salary' message in the application process, and, in case you have made the change after having applicants in your process, you will be able to differentiate who applied with net salary and who with gross salary.  
  4. Soon you will only be able to specify the gross salary when creating a new job, so we recommend you to update your already created jobs and anticipate this change. 

Gross salary

If you have doubts about the calculation of the gross salary, here are some links that may help you.

🧮 Gross salary calculators by country:

🇨🇱  Chile

🇦🇷  Argentina

🇵🇪  Perú

🇨🇴  Colombia

🇲🇽  México

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