How to describe your company briefly and effectively

Professionals apply not only to attractive jobs, but also to companies whose culture, mission and vision are interesting and common to their purposes. But how can we describe our company fully to attract more applicants?

Many believe that more is better, and the more text we add about how amazing our company is, the more professionals will share the same passion as us...but the truth is, PEOPLE DON'T READ.

When we see plain text, what we instinctively do is to quickly scroll through it looking for something that catches our attention (skimming). Just as when we read a newspaper, we read the headlines first, and only read the news in detail if the headline has caught our attention.

So, with that in mind, let's take a look at concrete examples: 

How to improve our company description in Get on Board:

1. Plain text...that no one will read.

The first instinct when filling out the company information in our Get on Board profile is to include all the information that we think is important to stand out from the rest of the companies. And while it IS important, the text ends up being a 4000 word essay that absolutely no one will read.

Full description of a company - which NOBODY's going to read

2. Highlight the most relevant information

Let's take our text and highlight some information, either with bold type or by including links. Now our audience will read those selected excerpts first.

Although it is still a flat and unattractive text, we have set the users on the path of their skimming process, so they will read the most relevant content of our company.

Plain text with highlighted excerpts...people will read only what is highlighted.

3. Divide and Conquer

We have already marked the content we want to highlight because it is the most why don't we reduce the essay by separating the text into question and answer format?

When we separate the text by including headings for each section it becomes much more friendly to the eye. We are saying exactly the same thing but in a much more user-friendly and easy-to-read (UX-first) way.

Group the text into sections and summarize the most important points

4. Humanizing the text

Ideally, the text should convey the voice and tone of your company through the use of appropriate language... but we know that not all companies have UX Writers or Content Writers to help us with this task.

A simple solution to humanize our message is the use of emojis. These symbols have already become part of written communication (chats, Messenger, Whatsapp, etc), and help us convey emotions within messages.

Compare the version without emojis and the version with emojis below and analyze how you receive the message in each one.
Even if your company is very 'serious and structured' there are still many emojis that can help you to humanize your message. 

What if we add some emojis to it?...looks good, but also, it conveys a more 'human' message

5. Include a video of your company

When customizing your Career Page in Get on Board you can add a corporate video of your company, where you show your culture, the projects you develop, your mission and vision, your work teams, etc.

Including a video in your company description adds value to your positioning with professionals. You can tell a story, highlight your achievements, show team trips, benefits, you name it!. 

Now, let's add a company video...Yeah..that's it. Now THIS is a REAL TALENT MAGNET

We hope these tips will help you improve the description of your company on your Career Page and that more professionals will reach your jobs.

Which of these two companies would you apply to?

Which company would you apply to?

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