Know the English level of your job applicants

Professionals can now report their level of English within their profile, according to the Common European Framework. The levels they can select are:

Beginner (A1) - Understands everyday expressions and very basic phrases.
Elementary (A2) - Understands basic expressions and is able to communicate in a simple manner.
Intermediate (B1) - Understands and produces texts on familiar topics, and gives opinions and descriptions.
Upper intermediate (B2) - Produces clear, detailed text and interacts with a degree of fluency and spontaneity.
Advanced (C1) - Expresses fluently and spontaneously, and uses language flexibly and effectively for all purposes.
Proficient (C2) - Understands and expresses virtually everything with ease and differentiates finer shades of meaning.

You can see the self-informed English level of each applicant within their cards in the process view (Kanban)

English level in candidate's card

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