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Find answers to your most frequent questions when recruiting and applying to jobs using Get on Board.

When I create a selection process, how much detail should I include in the job description?

Where can I access my invoices or proof of purchase?

What if I buy a plan and then want to upgrade?

If a company sends me an invitation to apply for a process, can they see my profile information?

What does it mean to refresh the date of my jobs?

Are jobs posted automatically, or do they go through a review process?

Can I send messages to all applicants at once?

How many users can I have in my company account?

Can I delete my company account?

How can I improve my careers page?

What are the advantages of using the Get on Board careers page?

If I forgot to close an old process on the platform, is it mandatory to close it and notify the applicants that they have been discarded?

What are the requirements for publishing on Get On Board?

Can I invite a professional to apply for my job ad?

What is the difference between re-launching and re-opening a process?

Is it necessary to create a company account for each country?

What is the difference between closing and unpublishing a process?

How can I invite a user to my company on Get on Board?

Do subscriptions renew automatically or do I have to pay again manually?

How is the apportionment calculated for switching to a larger plan?

Why can't I automatically switch to a lower plan?

What are the benefits of subscription plans?

Does Get on Board offer an IT recruitment service?

Must the salary offered be public or can it be confidential?

What is Talent Database?

Do you have to pay to browse jobs on Get On Board?

What is Boost?

How can I apply for technology jobs on Get on Board?

How long does it take to inform me if I was selected in a process I applied for?

What is the difference between "interested" and "applicants" in my selection process?

Can I modify the link of my ad?

Can I reopen an existing process?

Can I modify the tags of a publication?

Why was my ad rejected?

What happens if I pay a Boost or unlock and the ad is not successful?

What happens when a selection process is closed?

How many times can I update the date of an ad if I acquire Boost?

If I'm a recruiting or outsourcing company, should I identify my client's company?

Can I publish a job ad confidentially?

How are Talent Database search results organized?