How do I cancel an automatic subscription?

When you purchase a subscription plan with direct payment in Get on Board, your plan will have automatic renewal, that is to say, if you purchased a quarterly plan, after the third month, the following charge will be made for the next quarter, and so on. You can check the renewal date of your plan at any time from your dashboard
We will always send you an email reminder 15 and 7 days before each renewal, so in case you want to cancel your automatic subscription, you will have enough time to do so. Please note that you will be charged for the next period if you DO NOT cancel the renewal within that time.

How can you cancel the automatic renewal of your subscription plan?

(You must have an admin role to cancel the renewal)
  1. Click on the name of your plan in the side menu.
    There you will see the status of your plan, its renewal date, and all the benefits it includes
  2. After the renewal date, you will see two links: Change your plan and Modify auto-renewal. Click on 'Modify automatic renewal' (see image).

Modify auto-renewal

When you click on the link, a modal will appear with the conditions for the cancellation of your plan. After reading them, you must accept them by clicking on the checkbox to activate the 'cancel automatic renewal' button. By clicking on it, the automatic renewal will be canceled immediately. You will be able to continue enjoying your plan's benefits until your subscription period ends. 

Cancel auto-renewal

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