How does the import via email work?

In Get on Board you can import applicants via email directly to your selection process by sending the applicant's CV in pdf format.
At the moment you can import one applicant at a time, either directly on the platform or via email. 

When sending a CV via email, Get on Board receives the information and searches within the pdf file for the applicant's data, such as name, email, contact information, and social networks, and pre-fills the professional's card.

You must keep in mind that this process is automated and could have errors due to different CV formats, but you will always have the possibility to edit the fields that were automatically filled in the import. 

Import candidates manually via email

Why is my applicant not appearing on the board?

If at the moment of sending the email you do not see the applicant on your board, it may be due to different factors:

  • Check that the format is correct, if the format is not pdf or is invalid, Get on Board will send you an automatic email specifying the error, for example, indicating that the file sent is not supported.
  • Make sure the process is active. You will be informed via email if the email was sent to a closed or non-existent process. 
  • You can also check that the CV has been attached to the email sent.

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