What happens if I edit an ad, does it go back to moderation?

When you post a job on Get on Board, it goes through a moderation process, where our editorial team reviews it for compliance with our moderation and seniority policies.

If you wish to edit a published ad you may do so, but please note that editing your job title will return it to the moderation bin. 

Why does the job go back to moderation?

Because we make sure that the quality, consistency, and clarity of the ads are the best possible. When modifying the job title, our team must check that it matches the job description, seniority, and functions to be performed.

Please note that professionals may also report jobs that do not comply with what is advertised in the ad. Our moderation team will contact the company admin to review the case if this happens.

If the ad is edited post moderation not complying with our policies (e.g. adds contact info), it may be rejected by the moderation team without prior notice. 

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