How long does it take for applicants to apply when I post my job?

When you post a job on Get on Board, you must consider different factors that will impact attracting applicants, such as seniority (junior, senior, etc.), whether the salary is visible or not, among others.
We always recommend you to wait a couple of days from the job posting date to have applicants. In case they are not reaching your job, here are some tips that can help you position it with professionals:

  • Refresh the job date: By refreshing the date, your job will be updated with the current date and will be positioned in the first search results. (Available for subscription plans only).
  • Activate Boost: When you activate Boost, up to 200 invitations are sent to professionals who match the profile you are looking for. In addition, your job appears for 14 days in the first place as a featured ad.
  • Show the salary: Job ads that show the salary in a public way are more successful than those that keep it hidden. Remember that even if you hide the salary, professionals will be able to see it when they enter their salary expectations. 
  • Open yourself to remote work: The best talent for your company may not be in your own city (or even country). Being open to remote work means searching for the best talent wherever it may be (in addition to the possibility of opening your market to other countries).  
  • Be aware of seniority: Jobs looking for senior or expert professionals are slower processes than junior or semi-senior jobs (supply-demand). 
  • Ask for feedback on your ad: Creating a good job ad is not an easy task. We recommend you show your ad to friends and acquaintances and ask them for feedback: Would they apply for your job? What catches their attention? What don't they understand? 

If after a week or so, no applicants have applied for your job, we recommend you to review this article where we explain the different reasons that could be interfering with the success of your job.

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