How are a company's response times calculated?

Median response times from a company to their applicants are calculated as follows: 

  • Only responses sent from company members to candidates within the last 12 months are considered. This allows a company to improve its numbers over time.
  • Response times over 45 days are excluded. We assume them to be a re-contact from an older hiring process, so we exclude them to avoid punishing the average.
  • We use median, rather than average, to calculate the response time. Median allows to exclude response times abnormally high or low and prevent them from distorting the average.

Exact response time

If your company has a  subscription plan, you will be able to see the exact median global time of your company, expressed in days and hours, in the section Stats of your job Dashboard.

Response times are calculated according to three different perspectives:

  • Global company response time, which includes all responses from all team members in all jobs in the last 12 months;
  • Response time per job, which only includes replies to messages of a job in particular;
  • Response time per team member, which considers individual responses. Median response time by a team member is available as an advanced metric for Recruiter, Corporate and Unlimited subscription plans, and allows you to measure precisely your recruiting team performance and zone into the best and worst performers.

Usual response time range in your jobs' public view(*), applicants will see an imprecise response time range (e.g. "Replies between 1 to 7 days"). This range is obtained by applying a standard deviation to the exact median response time. This implies that the more variation between individual response times, the broader the range will be.

For instance:

  • A company with a median response time of 5 days, with a great variation, will see a broad range, such as "Between 1 to 9 days".
  • A company that also has a median response time of 5 days, but with a much smaller variation, will see a narrower range, such as "Between 4 to 6 days".

Can I alter or improve the range displayed in a job in particular?

When the job is too new to have enough messages and replies sent, the global company range will be displayed. Once the job has enough responses from the company, the specific range for that job will be displayed instead.

This means you will have the chance to display a better number for your new jobs by replying promptly to new candidates. And, of course, this over time will improve your global number, benefiting your employer brand and reputation.

We will always show publicly response times as a range, and not as a precise value.

(*) If your company uses an external ATS integration, time response values will be hidden from your job views. 

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