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English is a skill (or tool, depending on how you see it) that is in high demand by companies in the technology industry. Highlight your professional profile by specifying your English level when you create your professional account on Get on Board, or by editing your profile if you already have an account.

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How do I know what level of English I have?

You can take the free EF SET test to find out your level of English, or be guided by the Common European Framework definition of levels:

A1 - Beginner:
You can answer simple questions (e.g. What's your name?) and have a command of basic vocabulary (e.g. colors, animals, parts of the house, etc).

A2- Basic:
You can ask questions and communicate using simple verb tenses (present, past, future), with everyday vocabulary.

B1 - Intermediate:
You can understand quite a lot by listening carefully (e.g. you can understand part of spoken conversations) and elaborate more complex sentences (e.g. using conditionals and perfect tenses).

B2 - Advanced Intermediate:
You can now watch movies in English without subtitles, listen to songs and manage to recognize phrases, use more complex verb tenses and have a much more complete vocabulary.

C1 - Advanced:
You can understand conversations on different topics, you have no problem starting a conversation. You can switch from one language to another while speaking (yes, you already think in can even dream in English).

C2 - Expert / Native:
Oh honey, you don't even need to make an effort in communicating with others. English is just within your DNA.

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