Define technical requirements appropriate to the position and assess them quickly and easily.

Many times when we have to recruit for a position, we receive a list of requirements as if it were a supermarket list. The problem is that many of these lists mention a large number of technologies and languages that are difficult to understand for those who are not used to recruiting in the tech world.

Know which requirements are appropriate for the position you are looking for.

If you are looking for a Front-end developer and the requirements mention Python, NodeJS, Angular, Vue, PostgreSQL, and PowerBI, you will actually be looking for a unicorn who is far reached from the Front-end developer position.

That's why when you create a job on Get on Board, before being published, it is reviewed by our moderation team, which helps you write it clearly and according to the profile you are looking for. You can also review our seniority policy, and learn about the skills expected for each level of experience.

Reasons of rejection

It is also good practice to look at similar advertised positions to understand what technologies are appropriate for the position you are looking for, or a Google search may give you some guidance (although that will take longer).

Assess applicants quickly and effectively

After defining the skills required for the position, it's time to assess the candidates, but what if we don't know where to start?

In Get on Board you can create rubrics to evaluate both soft and technical skills.
Once the rubrics have been created, you can assign them to your job, where your team members can evaluate the performance level of each indicator on a 5-point Likert scale.

Assess applicants within your ATS

Once the evaluations have been completed, you will be able to quickly and clearly visualize the average on each candidate card, which will help you make informed decisions.

Kanban or process view with scores

You can also filter applicants in each column according to rubric scores, among other factors.

Apply filters in each column

We know it. Assessing tech skills is no easy task, but at Get on Board we help you make it as easy as possible. ❤️

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