Which remote modality can I select for my job?

When you create a job in Get on Board, you must select the job modality. Below we explain what each option refers to so that you can select the most appropriate for your company:

Job modality options
Remote or localized job modalities

1. 🏢  No remote option

Select this option if the position must be performed in an office setting. Please note that when selecting this option you must also specify the city in which the applicants must reside in order to apply for your job.

2. % Hybrid

Select this option if the job can be performed some days in the office and other days remotely. As in the previous point, you will also need the city of residence.

3. 📍 Locally remote only

If your job can be performed remotely, but the professionals must live in a specific country or region, this is the option you should select. When selecting this option you must specify in which country(ies) or region the applicants for your job must live.
e.g. Locally remote (Mexico, Colombia). Note that you can mention more than one country, and more than one region, but, a region covers many countries, so if you mention for example 'Argentina, Latin America', only the region will be considered, and not the country.
✅  Remote work (Mexico, Colombia)      🚫 Remote work (Peru, Colombia, Latin America)

You can also combine countries and regions, e.g. 'Latin America, Spain, Italy', or 'Europe, Chile, Peru', as long as a country is not contained within a specified region. 
🚫 Remote work (Europe, Spain, Latin America) -> In this case only (Europe, Latin America) will be displayed.

4. 🌎  Fully remote

If you want to attract the best talent, no matter where they are, this is your option. By selecting this modality you are specifying that your job can be performed completely remotely, regardless of the country or region where the professionals live.

If your job is remote only within Latin America (due to time differences with other continents), we recommend selecting the option `Locally remote only' and specifying `Latin America' in region. Alternatively, you can always work asynchronously, and make sure you attract the best talent wherever they are. 

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