What are the suggestions that appear on my process (kanban) board?

In the first column of your process or Kanban board you can see the invitations you have made through Talent Database or Boost, and, from now on, you can also see up to 50 Get on Board recommendations with professionals from our talent pool that are the best match for your job.

These profiles are selected by one of our algorithms according to the application history and profile of each applicant and allowing you to invite them directly to your process with just a couple of clicks. 

Get on Board recommendations on your process board

How do the suggestions work?

Once a job is approved after going through the moderation process, our algorithm will automatically recommend 50 profiles that best match the profile you are looking for, which will appear in the 'invitations' column. Please note that these profiles will only participate in your process once you send them an invitation to apply. 

You can invite recommended professionals individually by placing your cursor over the card and clicking on the 'Invite' option that will appear:

Invite professional to apply

You can also invite all recommended suggestions by clicking on the 'Invite all' button. Note that by inviting recommended professionals you will be using your monthly quota of credits allotted according to your subscription plan.

If you wish to discard recommendations, you can do so by clicking on the top menu of each card (the 3 dots) and selecting the 'Dismiss suggestion' option. 

Dismiss suggestion

Where can I see the status of my invitations?

At the top of the column, you can access the invitations sent for your process. In this view, you will see all the invitations that have been sent from: Talent Database, Suggestions, and Boost. You can easily recognize them by the icon next to the name of each professional and in the descriptive text of each one. 

Invitations sent
What if I regretted sending an invitation?

You can always revoke invitations. To do so, simply place the cursor over the card of each professional and select the 'Revoke' option.  Please note that revoking an invitation will not restore the credit quota used.

If you revoke an invitation by mistake, or you regret it (it can happen to all of us), don't worry, you can always resend a revoked invitation by clicking on the 'Resend' option. This will not discount a quota from your credits (since it has already been used). 

Resend invitation

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