What is a featured job (pin)?

A featured job is a job that is pinned at the top of the list on Get on Board's public sites (*) and in the recommendations of the private professional's dashboard. To do this, you must pin the job from your company dashboard.

Until now, subscription plans had a limited quota of active jobs. This quota is now transferred as quotas to Featured jobs, as job posts will now be unlimited. Your featured jobs quota will be refreshed monthly.

Featured jobs last for 14 days. If you want to feature the same job for an additional 14 days, it will use one of your monthly quotas. Pin quotas are NOT cumulative month to month.

If you have a Boost plan, your Boost quotas remain.

If your monthly quotas for featured jobs run out, you can purchase each additional for 99 USD + taxes. If you don't have a subscription plan, an unlocked job can also pay to pin their job.

() Boost jobs are displayed above the featured jobs.*

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