How do I know if I should check the 'I am recruiting on behalf of another company' option when creating my job?

Get on Board requires all jobs to identify the final hiring company. This allows professionals to better understand where they will actually work and prevents people from unknowingly applying to companies where they may have had bad experiences in the past.

If your company performs recruiting or outsourcing services on behalf of other clients, you should check the 'I am recruiting on behalf of another company' option in step 1 of your job creation and provide the recruiting company information (name and website).

You can also check the option 'Publish as confidential job'(*), which will prevent your job from appearing in public searches and will only reach the professionals you invite via Talent Database (exclusive for subscription plans).

(*) Please note that marking the job as 'confidential' does not mean that you should not mention the final hiring company. 

I'm recruiting on behalf of another company + Confidential job option

In the case of consulting firms, where the hiring institutions are the contracting ones but the professionals work on a project basis and are assigned to work for other companies for a period of time, it is not necessary to check the option 'I am recruiting on behalf of another company', but it is necessary to mention some of the clients with whom they will work.
It is also important to clarify in the text of the job the modality of employment: if the job will be only for a temporary project (e.g. for 3 months) or if it is indefinite or for a long period of time with a specific client, it is important to mention which that client is and the project to be developed (e.g. you will have to go to the offices of our client X for a period of N months where you will participate in the back-end development of an e-commerce platform).

Jobs with anonymous or confidential companies will not be published. We invite you to review our job moderation and seniority policies, and we thank you for wanting to improve the quality of technology jobs in Latin America

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