Project Manager in Synolia

Closed job - No longer receiving applicants

Synolia es una agencia digital francesa especializada en las tecnologías open-sources para E-commerce. Tenemos un equipo en rápido crecimiento en Santiago y 100+ colaboradores en Francia. Nos dedicamos a proyectos E-commerce a nivel internacional y trabajamos estrechamente en colaboración con variados editores (Adobe/Magento, Oro Inc., Sylius …) en proyectos muy ambiciosos. Somos reconocidos por la maestría de nuestros equipos. Valoramos la excelencia técnica y no comprometemos nunca la calidad del código.

El resto de esta presentación es en inglés porque este trabajo requiere un nivel de inglés alto.

Job functions

As a Project Manager, you will be in charge of managing all aspects of the projects we implement at Synolia. From workshops to reporting, performance tracking to customer relationship, this position will lead you to a wide range of responsibilities. In the long run, you'll become a functional expert on various technologies and will be able to take part of pre-sales qualification calls, more strategic decisions and expand the reach of your responsibilities.
We are still young in Chile, but we have a fast growing team and lots of projects incoming. It means this position is KEY to us and that it comes both with challenges and opportunities.
On your arrival, you will quickly have to learn 3 technologies (OroCommerce, Bigcommerce and Akeneo) and become a functional expert on all 3. Why? Because you will:
- help the pre-sale team with some demos
- do workshops, discovery
- work with the tech team to take the best decision when it comes to integrating business rules to those platforms.
In case you are wondering, we are working with medium to large businesses, in projects in between 100 to 400 man days (implementation), roughly.

Qualifications and requirements

  • Fluent english (we have north american, european and chilean customers. You will work with all of them)
  • Ability to manage a team of developers: at least a high level of what they do, a basic knowledge of code is required
  • Organized... to follow up the times and performance of the team, creating plannings and todos
  • The word postpone should give you an allergic reaction
  • Flexible: Be able to work with different methodologies (waterfall, agile...)
  • Analytical mind: take part of pre-sales meetings, understand the customer business logic
  • Communicative: pre-sale and workshops require good communication skills
  • Self-organized: there won't be a Project Director following you. The CEO is your n+1 and he won't micro-manage how you work. So it's a requirement to be structured, organized.

Optional skills

  • Good communication skills: written or spoken... you may take part of presentations, events, webinars, etc
  • A taste for challenges: it's up to you to take them: challenges and opportunities. You won't lack one or another and they'll spice up your job
  • An E-commerce experience is highly valued
  • A B2B experience is a plus
  • A taste for technical things: code, IT architecture
  • Knowledge of systems related to e-commerce (WMS, ERP, etc)


  • Up to 3 days a week remote
  • Internal presentation
  • Professional certifications
  • International opportunities (offices in France and Canada)
  • Good, healthy working conditions (french standards)
  • International trip (if you stay with us long enough, be assured that you will fly one day...)
  • Work hours from 8am to 5pm
  • Chess and Taca taca
  • Good coffee
  • Fresh fruits every week

Accessible An infrastructure adequate for people with special mobility needs.
Internal talks Synolia offers space for internal talks or presentations during working hours.
Speaker travel If you speak at a conference, Synolia will cover your expenses.
Bicycle parking You can park your bicycle for free inside the premises.
Computer provided Synolia provides a computer for your work.
Conference stipend Synolia covers tickets and/or some expenses for conferences related to the position.
Recreational areas Space for games or sports.
Vacation over legal Synolia gives you paid vacations over the legal minimum.
Beverages and snacks Synolia offers beverages and snacks for free consumption.

Remote work policy


This job takes place some days from home and others at the office.

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