Empresa Profesional

Full-Stack Sr Developer Expert

Full time FULL_TIME en Cl mini Santiago Santiago (Chile)

Sueldo líquido: $2800 - 4000 USD/mes

We're looking for passionate, proven developers/entrepreneurs who are looking for their next challenge in the IOT/AI/Mobile scenario.

In Jooycar we work to improve and make more safe and fun the driving experience.

We are looking for you to join the Jooycar Dev Team. If you are analytical, highly innovative and looking for an opportunity to shape new functionality and contribute to the creative and definition of new features, products and process improvements that directly impacts the company's bottom-line, we want to talk with you. You must have a high level expertise, capable of designing elegant architecture solutions and be passionate for building scalable, world class UX and high performance software developments.

Jooycar is world class high innovation company so we value proactivity and test new innovative technologies.

Skills & Requirements:

  • 4 year CS, Math or equivalent degree required
  • 5+ years software engineering experience with a minimum of 3 years in NodeJS
  • Knowledge of design patterns and data structures
  • Knowledge of Functional programming paradigm
  • Algorithm analysis (Big-O notation, time & space complexity)
  • Deep understanding of high-scalability / high-availability concepts-practices.
  • Solid and deep understanding of NodeJS (event loop ticks, locking, streams, promises, parallelism, concurrency & other Node secrets )
  • ES8
  • Knowledge of SQL/No-SQL engines (MySQL, MongoDB and RedisDB are a must)
  • Experience integrating with 3rd parties (REST is a must)
  • Experience with Agile, Test Driven, or Behavior Driven Development
  • Strong code refactoring skills and passion for quality and maintainability of code
  • Interest in good usability practices and API, SDK design & UX / user-oriented design
  • Self-motivated, proactive and committed.
  • Obsessed with learning permanently and being on the edge of technology and research.
  • Flexibility to deal with a rapidly changing environment and constant challenges.
  • You got the basics: Git workflows, RxJs, sockets, some of ReactJs / Vue / AngularJs, Koa / Express.. & others.

Big Plus if you have experience with (or want to learn about):

  • Machine Learning: shallow algorithms, neural-networks, unsupervised learning, online learning and others.
  • Big data & stream manipulation.
  • Other DB engines: ElasticSearch, Cassandra, Neo4J
  • Other languages: Swift, Kotlin, Elixir, RUST
  • XP + Agile methodologies
  • UX & product design / Gamification

And the most important of all:

  • You always think in customer first
  • You always think very very BIG
  • You are always looking for a faster and better performing technologies
  • You really stay up to date with latest technology and development trends

About you:

You're a master with NodeJs & Javascript and love trying out new languages, frameworks, libraries, and leveraging them off, whenever necessary.

You offer full-stack ability, believe the power of open source solutions, and always have scalability in the back of your mind.

You can own the project, review code, suggest improvements, and create trust in clients.

You want to go beyond programming and like to understand and contribute in the big picture, product and business.

You are strongly committed with teams, goals and objectives, love freedom and want to self-manage your time instead of fulfilling work hours.

You are fast and impatient for learning, but also perfectionist, have very high standards and want to work with the best.

You know you can give more, and you want to be recognized and rewarded for it.

We offer:

  • Mostly work from home: we are focused on goals, not on your schedule.
  • Stock options: We want you to be part of share success with us.
  • No limits in how far can you go.

Acerca de Jooycar

Jooycar is a platform for Smart Connected Cars. If you are interested in IoT, Mobile Dev, Big Data, Real-time processing, Artificial Intelligence, High scalability, Cloud, UX, Extreme programming and top edge technologies.. this team is for you. — Perfil completo de Jooycar