At Blue Coding we specialize in hiring amazing developers. Through our work we help companies, both large and small, build great development teams and develop great products. Our team of over 30, is distributed in more than 10 countries across the Americas. Our clients include online retailers, digital agencies, SaaS companies and software consultancies.

Descripción del cargo

We are looking for an experienced Full stack (PHP) developer to work within the Blue Coding team. Someone who can be a team leader, business driven, who is able to identify possible improvements and execute them. Ideally with a creative eye. On the project, the developer will be collaborating with the programming and improving new and existing features and also be able to lead other developers.


  • 100% English Fluency.
  • Strong hands on experience with PHP.
  • Solid experience with WordPress and Laravel.
  • Experience integrating third party APIs.
  • Experience with Front-end is a plus.

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  4. Lead Full-Stack Developer

About Blue Coding

At Blue Coding we have talented and experienced developers ready to join your team. Our efficient process allows us to help you get new team members working on your project in no time. — Blue Coding's full profile

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