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In Check we are creating the platform that is replacing traditional textbooks in schools, for good. Our platform adjusts both to the level of each student and the specific curriculum of each institution, and provides insightful information for teachers and parents to better support their children's learning. We are basically a digitally native publisher that is changing the way students consume educational content. We are currently working with several top private institutions in Perú (such as Innova Schools) and public schools (such as COAR) and opening MX this month.We envision what Bill Gates describes in this article but for LatAm: As a team, we constantly work to improve our own capabilities, we are fully convinced that a top performing team is one full of people eager to continue learning. Currently we are a team of around 15 people between our 20s and 30s, with a flexible, goal oriented and agile work culture.

Job Requirements:

We are looking for a Tech Lead that can be head of a growing team of engineers, lead a migration from a native PHP backend to PHP framework, and ensure the site reliability regarding servers and cybersecurity. We are looking for an engineer with:
○ At least 5 years of experience building web apps, and experience building platforms from scratch.
○ Advanced knowledge and experience programming JS (and frameworks) and PHP (and frameworks).
○ Experience using GitHub for Version Control.
○ Web Hosting expertise (Cloudflare, Cache, CDNs) and experience setting up and maintaining a platform in AWS. Experience with cybersecurity protocols (such as preventing DDOS attacks).
○ Experience leading engineering teams and being responsible for the site reliability. We are looking for an ambitious engineer eager to lead the technological growth of a fast growing startup, with a proven record of experience similar jobs.What are our main Tech objectives in the short and medium run?
○ Set up reliably our site in AWS to prevent it from going down as our volume of active users increases exponentially in a short period of time, and as industry incumbents will try to get us down.
○ Refactor our backend from PHP native to a Framework, to ensure our tech scalability.
○ Implement a top notch protocol for planning, testing and releasing features.What will you do on a daily basis?
○ Be part of the decision making regarding the feature development pipeline and planning the development sprints of the Tech and Design teams.
○ Code: Although we expect you to lead our engineering team, you will also be responsible for helping develop our most challenging features, and those with a most tight time frame.
○ Teach: We expect you to be the best instructor the engineers in your team will ever have, and you should always be seeking to improve their skills wherever you think is necessary/possible.
○ Learn: You must be getting better every day as part of our team, we expect you to set the example for the rest of our team regarding the improvement of your skills. We will pay for it, so you will have no excuse.

We would love if:

○ You have an interest in education and believe that it is the best way to create impact in LatAm.
○ You have design capabilities or knowledge of UX optimization.
○ You are currently working or have worked in a fast growing organization.


- We expect you to improve your capabilities continuously, and we will be pay for any (reasonable) course you need (up to now, we have paid for every single course asked from our team members, feel welcome to ask!).
- We believe that everybody has different ways of being productive, and as long as you are, you can work as you wish (remote, by nights, etc.). We do expect you to show up to scheduled meetings or working sessions, of course (you have a team to lead).
- We will pay you a competitive salary: we know everybody says that, but we are looking for someone giving up a great job to take on this challenge, so we will match your expectations.
- Company shares after 1 year of working at our company, you will be part of our founding team.
- Every other standard benefit offered (vacations, drinks, coffee, parking, insurance, etc.)

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