Business Growth Specialist in HireLATAM

Closed job - No longer receiving applicants

HireLATAM, a recruiting agency platform, bridges the gap between US businesses and top-tier talent in LatAM, spanning diverse fields such as executive assistance, customer service, marketing, finance, operations, and software development. Our comprehensive nearshore solutions encompass staffing, payroll, equipment provision, benefits, training, and compliance, ensuring a smooth service to our clients.

We are currently on the lookout for a Business Growth Specialist to take the reins of Latin American talent recruitment and unleash your sales prowess. We’re on the hunt for a dynamic individual to join our tribe at Hire Latam – a company that's not just about jobs but creating opportunities and connections in the buzzing realms of customer service, operations, marketing, sales, and beyond!

Job functions

As the maestro of sales, your mission involves:

  1. Empowerment Calls: Set the stage with businesses eager to tap into the LATAM talent pool. Showcase our recruitment magic with enthusiasm!
  2. Recruitment Rendezvous: Guide our potential partners through the recruitment journey during engaging sales calls. Picture it as your own sales-driven podcast – you, the star!
  3. Seal the Deal: Close the chapter with a triumphant sale, securing service agreements and job description nods.
  4. Lead Luminary: Keep the momentum alive by following up with leads, ensuring they're always in the loop.
  5. Harmony with Recruiters: Collaborate with our recruiting maestros to orchestrate placement interviews that resonate with our clients.
  6. Strategic Virtuoso: Develop innovative sales strategies that strike a chord with our growing audience.
  7. Referral Rapport: Cultivate relationships with referral sources, turning them into your biggest fans.
  8. Let Loose and Have a Blast! (Yes, that's a mandatory item on the list!)

Qualifications and requirements

  • Rock-Solid Internet: A reliable connection is your backstage pass to this virtual concert.
  • Language Virtuoso: Master of English – both spoken and written. Your English level is nothing short of excellent.
  • The Persuasion Virtuoso: Self-motivated, energetic, and a natural at persuasion, negotiation, and the art of the sale!
  • Organization Aficionado: If tidiness were an Olympic sport, you'd be the gold medalist. Organized is your middle name.
  • Sales Symphony: 3+ years of sales experience, with a track record of dazzling performances in previous SDR/BDR roles.
  • Punctuality Prodigy: Reliable and punctual – because timing is everything in the rhythm of success.
  • Results Rockstar: Metrics are your jam; you know them like the back of your hand.
  • Must be located in Latin America – the heartbeat of our talent extravaganza!


Payment Overture:

  • Base Monthly Encore: $1,250 USD – consider it your stage fee.
  • Uncapped Sales Riffs: $50 USD per closed placement deal – let the commission tunes flow!
  • Payment Cadence: Bi-monthly serenades on the 1st and the middle of the month.

Your Gig Hours:

  • Time to Shine: 8:00 am to 4:30 pm CDT (Monday through Friday)

Remote work policy

Locally remote only

Position is 100% remote, but candidates must reside in South America.

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