Webdesigner E-commerce Platform Mission in Synolia

Closed job - No longer receiving applicants

Synolia es una agencia digital francesa especializada en las tecnologías open-sources para E-commerce. Tenemos un equipo en rápido crecimiento en Santiago y 100+ colaboradores en Francia. Nos dedicamos a proyectos E-commerce a nivel internacional y trabajamos estrechamente en colaboración con variados editores (Adobe/Magento, Oro Inc., Bigcommerce …) en proyectos muy ambiciosos. Somos reconocidos por la maestría de nuestros equipos. Valoramos la excelencia técnica y no comprometemos nunca la calidad del proyecto.

El resto de esta presentación es en inglés porque este trabajo requiere un nivel de inglés alto.

Job description

As an experienced webdesigner, your mission is to build the look and feel of a B2B e-commerce plaform. The very first step will be to take part in a workshop with a US based customer (in English) to understand their requirements and expectations, then work on some UX proposal, up to validation, before taking it into the UI level.

The scope of this mission is to work on a limited set of pages, the most crucial for the e-commerce (homepage, listing page, product page, checkout) along with some more focused graphical details like the main menu. All templates are expected in desktop and mobile version.

As the platform will be integrated within an existing e-commerce framework, your job is also to be aware of the technical constraints of the platform in order to keep things as easy as possible for the team that will integrate your templates in html and css. To say it differently you will not start from scratch: you will start from the default theme/organization of the platform and customize it from there.

You will be in direct contact with us, as the e-commerce platform integrator and with the technical team that will be able to guide you along the level of freedom you can have customizing the various elements of the platform.

That mission is spread over the months of January to February 2023 and should take, in total, about 5-8 days.


We are looking for a webdesigner that has an experience in e-commerce or with complex systems (lots of elements, of possible interaction, and with heavy technical constraints). Experience with one-page or simple static websites, or purely graphical composition are of no use to this job. This mission requires to have an eye for UX, quick-wins and ergonomy in general. Also, it's important to mention that our customer is a medium-large business with it's own universe and styleguide and that the e-commerce website should perfectly blend within the styleguide of the customer.

Optional skills

- experience in animating workshops (the workshop you'll take part of will be conducted by the project manager on our side, but the more you participate, the better it is)
- ability to create short simple animations (like menu opening animation, etc)
- technical experience with integration (html, css, js...): it's always a good way to make sure you understand the integration complexity of the template you produce :)


It's a freelance mission so there is nothing more than the retribution we offer really. But the goal is to find a price that is attractive enough to be self-sufficient to your satisfaction.
And if this mission goes well, you can be assured there will be other missions after that.

We are also a very caring team, worried about everyone's well being and happiness at work. That counts both for internal employees as well as freelances.

Fully remote You can work from anywhere in the world.

Remote work policy

Fully remote

Candidates can reside anywhere in the world.

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