Product Designer in Heepsy

Closed job - No longer receiving applicants

Join Heepsy, a dynamic influencer marketing startup in Spain, renowned for its advanced SaaS solutions. Heepsy helps brands and agencies do influencer marketing with its end-to-end solution that includes influencer search, analytics, outreach, CRM, payments and more.

We're a 10 people team of creative minds dedicated to reshaping digital marketing. Embracing a collaborative, remote work culture, we value fresh ideas and diverse perspectives. By becoming part of our team, you'll contribute to a pioneering project and work alongside professionals passionate about making a real impact in the influencer marketing industry.

Job functions

2 activities:
* Use prototypes and designs to help the delivery team during each sprint
* Participate in discovery activities to come up with new tasks for the team to work on in the following sprint

We are looking for a person that takes full ownership of the product and helps us identify opportunities to make it better. The role is not only about designing, but also about putting all your mental energy and creativity at the service of identifying how to improve the product, to the point of suggesting new tasks yourself.

Qualifications and requirements

* Excellent portfolio with desktop & mobile case studies
* Fluent in English
* Capacity to take feedback. The team will push-back on your designs, you might find yourself getting push-back several times before your design is accepted. You must be ok with that, and ready to argue with rational arguments.
* Capacity to copy others. Our first approach to solving a design problem is to check out other big players, and follow the consensus. In some cases we do innovate, in most cases we copy. To work with us you must be ok with that.
* Willingness to audit every day. Some weeks you´ll be super busy with design. Some other weeks you won´t. We expect you to use any non-design time to identify new opportunities and suggest improvements.
* Creativity and knowledge about discovery activities. It´s not just about doing prototypes and Figmas, we expect you to spend time with the user, watch videos of users using the product and so on to come up with great ideas.
* Analytical skills. We believe great design requires looking into analytics and drawing conclusions from them. You must have done that to some extent in the past.
* Be fast doing your job

Desirable skills

* Coding knowledge


Competitive salary
Flexible work environment
Great team to work with

Fully remote You can work from anywhere in the world.

Remote work policy

Fully remote

Candidates can reside anywhere in the world.

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