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    Remote — Full time

Mobile Development | Semi Senior

Salary: $2000 - 3000 USD/month

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La tecnología es nuestro reino.
Nuestro cliente potencia la digitalización de sus partners mediante la ideación, diseño y desarrollo de aplicaciones web y móviles a través del talento de las personas. Creen fuertemente en la multiculturalidad, diversidad, y talento, independiente de donde vengas, o que edad tengas.

Funciones del cargo

• Support the entire application lifecycle
• Contribute to designing, testing, releasing and application support
• Write a clean and sustainable code that can be used in the future
• Gather specific requirements and suggest solutions
• Write unit and Ul tests to identify malfunctions
• Troubleshoot and debug to optimize performance
• Talk with users to understand their needs and experiences
• Design interfaces to improve user experience
• Work with the Product development team
Identity and plan tor new features
• Plan, implement and manage new projects
• Ensure new, and legacy applications meet quality standards
• Suggest and implement new mobile products, applications, and protocols
• Stay up-to-date with modern technology and best practices

It would be cool if you had:

Requerimientos del cargo

Experience in:
• Swift development for iOS, particularly using modern techniques such as Storyboards,
Adaptive Layout and Extensions
• Native iOS development for phones and tablets
• Able to work APIs and third-party libraries
• Understanding of the full mobile development life cycle
• A “Get Stuff Done” mentality
Debes tener experiencia comprobable realizando previamente las tareas descritas. Básicamente buscamos a alguien con mínimo 2 o 3 años de experiencia en roles de desarrollo de aplicaciones en IOS. Inglés avanzado.


• Spanish language ability
• Released your own apps on the App store or Google Play (send US links!)
• Experience with web technologies as well as mobile


Paid vacations. Salary in USD 2.000 to USD 3.000 gross

Fully remote You can work from anywhere in the world.
Computer provided provides a computer for your work.

Remote work policy

Fully remote

Candidates can reside anywhere in the world.

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iOS Developer
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