Assistant to COO in Immigram


Buenos Aires
This job takes place some days from home and others at the office in: Buenos Aires
| Junior | Full time | Operations / Admin

Gross salary $800 - 1200 USD/month

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I’m Mike, the co-founder and COO at Immigram. A year ago, I would’ve written a lot about what we are and who we work with, like why we are cool. But currently, we are simply a leading UK immigration company within the CIS market (and soon-to-be leading in India and Latin America as well).

Some of the old stuff - “We are Immigram, a venture-capital backed tech-centred immigration company. We work with various technological startups (alumni of Y Combinator, Tech Stars, Alchemist, NASA accelerator, etc.) and truly exceptional individuals (seniors from companies like Google, Facebook, Twitter, Snap, Bumble, Revolut, Goldman Sachs, Yandex, Mail, etc.)”.

Me and my co-founder started this whole thing in Moscow alone, we knew nothing and no one. In a few years we grew to 60% market share. I did it via partnerships, cold & hot sales, communities, clubs, meetings and greetings, friendships and networking-s.

Now I've landed in Buenos Aires to repeat the adventure.

What we'd do

  • We do have to do the business - so you will engage with Immigram’s executives and partners to get stuff done. We will bring ideas to the table and track progress, kicking those too slow and handling those too fast.
  • We do have to work on our public profile as I didn't give it the time of day for the last couple of years. We will think of posts, media articles, social media campaigns, and various engagement techniques;
  • We do have to work on partnerships with local empresas y emprendedors so that we create various promo campaigns, events and referrals with them.
  • We do have to keep track of where to go and who to meet, so there's a great chance you will be attending these meetings (and parties) with me.
  • We do have to participate in various award things, so we would think of applying to ones and, once again, work on our public profile.
  • We do have to liaise with various partners, and you will be the main point of contact with them.

What'd I need

  • C1+ Business English (both written and spoken), please do not hit reply if you're not confident in your English. That's the only must-have here;
  • Ability to google. That's core, and for some reason, very few people know how to do this properly. Being able to source new information is key.
  • Advanced problem-solver skills, get-it-done mindset, ability to multitask and blah blah blah [standard corporate proven demonstrated bullshit];

Basically, you have to want this and be eager and proactive. That’s the most vital quality here.

Yep, that's it

Although our main office is in London (and we're remote first with employees all around the globe), I am currently in Buenos Aires expanding our business and seeking relevant opportunities. Therefore, our work would be startup-style, no office and dress code - coworkings, cafes, meetings, conferences, parties & "parishas".

At the end of the day, I’m looking for an assistant. But not just someone to order my tickets and stays (that’s less than 2% of what you would do), but someone who gets it. Someone willing to make my life their own for a hefty compensation and an opportunity to learn - and boy do I love to lecture.

Applications with a cover letter only

If you feel that this lifestyle suits you, you’re a real team player and a smart-ass, please answer a few questions in your cover letter:

  1. Have you ever solved an unsolvable issue? How’d you do that?
  2. How should I balance my portfolio this winter? What do I do with my bitcoin and other shitcoins I bought? Should I drop Tether for C-coin? When are my crappy NFTs listed for 1mln TON going to be sold?
  3. What's the relocation package given to L3 Google engineer moving to an office in Zurich?
  4. What's your deepest and darkest secret you have never told anyone before?

I won’t review those who did not bother to write a cover letter, so please do one.

Flexible hours Flexible schedule and freedom for attending family needs or personal errands.
Partially remote You can work from your home some days a week.
Speaker travel If you speak at a conference, Immigram will cover your expenses.
Education stipend Immigram covers some educational expenses related to the position.
Performance bonus Extra compensation is offered upon meeting performance goals.
Informal dress code No dress code is enforced.

Remote work policy


This job takes place some days from home and others at the office in Buenos Aires (Argentina).

About Immigram

Immigram is a B2B/B2C talent immigration platform for IT professionals and tech entrepreneurs. — Immigram's full profile

Assistant to COO
Immigram • Buenos Aires
This job takes place some days from home and others at the office in: Buenos Aires
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Requires applying in English