Data Observatory

Lead Engineer in Data Observatory

Closed job - No longer receiving applicants

The Data Observatory is a non-profit at the heart of industry, government and science collaboration with the vision to be at the vanguard of data-centric innovation, leading in the production of data-centric solutions, talent, and social capital.

The first step to implement the DO is a Data Access Center for the Atacama Large Millimiter/submillimiter Array (ALMA). ALMA is the most important submillimetric astronomical observatory in the world, imaging planetary systems early in their formation and being a critical asset in producing the first-ever image of a black hole. We will create a system to distribute 1 TB of ALMA data per night across continents and providing HPC for scientists to produce knowledge, and access tools for wider audiences beyond astronomers to benefit from this amazing resource in the cloud.

We invite you to lead a team of DOers with the responsibility of creating a robust and strong foundation for this initiative to solve global challenges from Chile.

Lead Engineer

We are searching for a great teammate, skilled and experienced in cloud architectures, knowledgeable in data-centric frameworks and solutions.

We require from you:

  • Commitment and responsibility to work with passion to achieve the objectives of the implementation.
  • Capacity to work in a team, this is a multi-disciplinary effort that requires your abilities to trust others and earn the trust of others.
  • Experience in designing and implementing solutions in cloud environments.
  • Experience in working to enable data-centric solutions
  • Experience Testing and Prototyping; this means the ability to fail often and learn fast from that.
  • Value-oriented: the ability to understand we are implementing systems for real people and a defined mission, and how to work without losing sight of that
  • Capacity to listen and learn about others around you, the ability to empathize with diverse DO stakeholders is crucial for the success of the DO as a neutral broker at the heart of teams solving challenges that for different reasons, are important for private companies, science, and government.
  • Ability to make yourself understood in written and spoken English

Desirable skills

  • Leadership skills
  • Git experience, we will use it for the implementation
  • Experience working in multi-cultural and multi-disciplinary projects.
  • Diversity: our activity has a gender representation challenge; we encourage hiring from less represented groups.

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